Small project is a reflection on city mismanagement

Sunday, July 24, 2022

August is around the corner and the Lloyd Square Park court project remains undone.

I realize through my own attendance, reports of others, and via Ranger–Review articles that our city government has a lot going on. Frankly, it presents as a disaster down there. I'm sure a basketball court isn't high on the agenda. But for the LOVE OF GOD, how hard can it be? Can we not hold someone accountable and JUST GET IT FINISHED? Maybe the hoops still aren't available...if so SHAME ON YOU for not managing the project appropriately from the beginning. It is no surprise that hoops were going to be needed. Not your project to manage? Then hold he's whose responsibility it is to manage it accountable! At the very least, why was the dirt work not completed and cleaned up after the court was poured? Instead, it has been an eyesore in our park all summer...right in front of our busy pool.

This SMALL project is a visual, tangible reflection on how mismanaged things really are.

Please, please get this done. We are tired of people in the community asking us for updates and having nothing good to say.

Jamie McMillan

Bruce Miller