Special election process has brought up some concerns

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Dear Editor:

I’ve lived in Glendive my whole life. I don’t prescribe to the notion that this town is such a horrible place to live. I feel like we, mostly, have great people working for the city and county, and I have always had faith that our elected officials do what’s best for our little community. I feel that this special election stuff has shattered that feeling to some extent. All of the anecdotal evidence of people running into issues with signatures for their ballots. It actually happened to me after my dad turned mine in for me. I have a close friend that had to go back three times to get his sorted.

The post office wouldn’t even take his ballot without a stamp, even though the envelope says no postage needed. And when he tried to pay for a stamp their card reader was down. He tried to pay with cash and they told him they couldn’t take a twenty dollar bill. It’s asinine, in my opinion. I’m writing this to be a voice for others in this county that have dealt with some of these things.

I feel that some of the people that are either elected into official positions, or are hired by those elected officials need to do better.

Be better. The winds of change are upon us. You can either go with it, or be swept up.

Jedidiah Petty