Special election an unnecessary expense for county

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Letter to the Editor:

I have some concerns about the expenditure of six to seven thousand dollars of county money for a special election for the sole purpose of allowing one or two businesses to make a profit from the sale of recreational marijuana. I have neutral feelings as to the sales being allowed or not, I just can’t see the benefit to the county for the special election expenditure. I don’t believe the funds of the county are so flush we can waste them. Yes there will be tax collected but who gets it and how long would it take for that to reimburse the expense of this election. there were not enough signatures in the time period required but with an additional time I’m sure that could be accomplished. This leaves the question will it pass anyway, it didn’t in the last election. I firmly believe it should be voted on but not in a special election and could should be addressed in the future primary. This is not about the sale of marijuana in the county but the spending of public funds for the opportunity for private profits.

Darrell Hystad