Paddlefish season on the Yellowstone River began May 15. A free paddlefish cleaning service will be provided and funded by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks at the Intake FAS for the first five weeks of the season.

The 2023 yellow tag paddlefishing season on the Yellowstone River and Missouri River downstream of Fort Peck Reservoir starts Monday, May 15. Monday is a designated catch-and-release only day, meaning the only place paddlefishing is allowed May 15 is at Intake Fishing Access Site (FAS). All other areas are closed to paddlefishing on catch-and-release days.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 16 and 17, will be the first harvest days of the season during which paddlefishing is allowed in all designated areas. Sunday, Monday and Thursday are designated catch-and-release days for paddlefish, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are harvest days. Catch-and-release days restrict paddlefishing to the Intake Fishing Access Site only near Glendive.

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