Spring Clean-Up Week is June 8-13

Brendan Heidner
Thursday, May 28, 2020
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The annual week-long Community Spring Clean-Up event is rescheduled to take place in a couple weeks – June 8-13 – and everyone can still take part while practicing social distancing.

With the support of city and county officials and WBI Energy, the Glendive Chamber of Commerce designates one week out of the year to promote clean up around the community to keep it looking nice for the summer season.

“This is a time just for people to clean up their yards, clean up their neighborhoods (and) help clean up the town,” Chamber Board President Gina Roos said.

The City of Glendive, Dawson County and WBI came together this year to provide $3,000 in vouchers for residents of Glendive to use the landfill.

According to Roos, the event is usually scheduled to coincide with Earth Day which was the week of April 20-25.

However, due to the shutdown of the landfill - a needed service for that week - as part of the city’s COVID-19 pandemic response at the time, the event was postponed.

Residents of Glendive will still have that opportunity as Gov. Steve Bullock moves Montana into phase two of reopening on June 1.

Bullock’s phase two prompted the rescheduling of the community clean-up week to start the following Monday, June 8, however, residents of Glendive can work with the chamber to prepare for cleaning up.

“Probably starting June 1, we will have those vouchers for people to stop down at the (chamber and) pick those up like they usually do,” Roos said, adding they will also have garbage bags available for people to pickup and use.

The vouchers, Roos explained are for people to use as payment at the city landfill as the chamber will use the sponsored $3,000 from the city, county and WBI. She added they will only issue one voucher per household.

Although issuing the vouchers through the end of the clean-up week, Roos encouraged everyone to take their waste to the landfill as soon as possible if they do not want to pay.

“If they wait until the 13th and it’s the last day and we’ve already hit that $3,000 mark, they will have to pay at the dump,” she said.

With the provision of paid landfill use, Director of Public Works Jack Rice said, “There’s always areas of town that need cleaning up, so I would urge people to get their clubs and their groups together (to clean).”

“It’s a free pass to the dump, plus a great opportunity for (everyone) to clean up our town and keep it looking sharp, especially during this time,” Roos said. “I think people have worked really hard at keeping our community alive and so this is just another way to . . . pay it forward.”

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