Take time to get to know commissioner candidate Olson

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Take time to get to know commissioner candidate Olson

Dear Editor:

I just had the pleasure of an hour in Lloyd Square Park visiting with and listening to Teresea Olson talk about her run for Dawson County Commissioner District 1 as an independent candidate in November. Teresea, a small business owner, has lived in Glendive for twenty years and has her children and grandchildren here. She is a licensed Physician Assistant and a licensed Registered Nurse. With her career background and being a parent, she is passionate about the safety and wellness of our community.

To listen to her speak about her goals for Glendive and Dawson County is to hear a voice for the people who live here. She does not allow herself to be negative, but rather sees in this place a wealth of opportunities we can exploit to increase the livability of Glendive and the surrounding area. She has had much experience as a team builder, searching out the ties that unite us and then bringing those many ends together into groups of people with like minds.

She writes: “We are living in challenging times. 2020 has introduced us to great obstacles that we have never faced before. Although we have a fluctuating population and changing economy, our community has stamina and grit. We are a people who overcome adversity. I want to be part of the survival, success, and growth of our county.”

I encourage all residents to seek out opportunities to visit with Teresea and listen to her vision, ask her questions and contribute to her campaign. She can be reached on Facebook and at tolsonpac@hotmail.com.

Thank you, Avis R. Anderson