Thank emergency responders

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Thank emergency responders

Dear Editor:

To the Few

To all those who run to danger while others run away


To the Glendive Police Department, to the Dawson County Sheriff’s Department and to the Montana Highway Patrol: THANK YOU

To the great staff at the Glendive Medical Center, the EMT’s that run our ambulance service and the volunteers at Search and Rescue: THANK YOU

To the volunteers and firefighters at the Glendive Fire Department: THANK YOU

To the volunteer firefighters in Richey and all the satellite trucks and volunteers that man them that are scattered across Dawson County: THANK YOU

And to the West Glendive Volunteer Fire Department: THANK YOU

Without these great people in our community there would be no one to come to your rescue in time of need and they do it without hesitation, without concern for their wellbeing. They are amazing.

The volunteers in this community that leave their jobs and their families to get to a fire, an accident or anything where people or property is in danger never thinking of themselves, never thinking of the danger they are running to. These are people that truly think of only others and are the most selfless people I know.

So, in this new year, if you see one of these volunteers or any of the many people that make your life and your community a safer place, just say Thank You. It will mean a lot to them and better yet perhaps become one of them for they can always use the help. So, I will end by saying “thank you and God be with all of you in 2020.”

Randy Frank

West Glendive