Thank you road departments for your hard work

Thursday, June 23, 2022

I grew up on a ranch south of Wibaux and I know first-hand how vital county roads are to those living in the country. I have lived in Glendive for many years and I know how important roads are to those living in a town. I also make many trips back to the ranch.

I don’t claim to know a lot about the logistics of operating a road department but I have had a son, grandson, nephews and cousins all work for local road departments so I have some idea of what goes on.

From the skills of blading a road to the in-depth work on the administrative side, which, in itself, is a full-time job, there is way more to running a road department than people want to realize or take the time to educate themselves with.

So, I would like to give a huge thank you to the Dawson County Road Department, Wibaux County Road Department, City of Glendive Road Department and Town of Wibaux Road Department for all of their hard work and for all that they do on our roads.

From what I see from the public, via social media, and comments & actions by the county commissioners and city council, it is apparent that they refuse to understand what all that you guys really do or put up with. It is also obvious you guys are grossly underpaid and are inconsiderately unappreciated by the county commissioners and the city councils and some of the public.

Therefore, I challenge the community to stand behind and show appreciation to our road departments. I also challenge the county commissioners and the city councils to start taking better care of OUR road employees and learn to develop and show some actual respect & appreciation for all that they do.

The city & county road departments do an amazing and outstanding job with all that they do and with what little they have. I guarantee that if the community and especially the county commissioners & city councils genuinely learn and show some real respect and appreciation to our road crews, they would do an even better job than what they already do.

The flagrant lack of appreciation, respect and compensation by the county commissioners, city councils and a small part of the community does not reflect the opinion of the majority of us who truly appreciate and respect everything that you guys do.

Again, thank you, Dawson & Wibaux County Road Department and City of Glendive & Town of Wibaux Road Departments for everything that you do. I appreciate you!

Keep up the good work, keep your heads up and God Bless!


Ruth E. Bacon