There’s more to the story about the KGLE merger

Guest Opinion By Merle Mullet
Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Ranger Review ran a story concerning a coming change of ownership and operation at a local Christian radio station, KGLE 590 AM. Many of us grieve the loss and some have expressed a feeling akin to losing a close friend:

Prayer Time, It’s Your Call, local weather and advertising provided a personal touch. The majority of KGLE’s supporters and listeners are not members of Friends of Christian Radio (FCR). The process used and the ballots returned by the 129 FCR members (a very small sample of KGLE’s listenership) left many feeling forgotten.

Information provided by the FCR Treasure Jim Squires in his recent interview didn’t disclose that the source of funding, for the $350,000 dollars in “losses,” came from reserves generated by the operation of FCR and KGLE.

These funds were set aside for that purpose. KGLE has always been debt free.

This unusual business model has been a source of unity, purpose and blessing made possible by dedicated staff, generous FCR supporters and KGLE business revenue.

Mr. Squires assurances that the substantial FCR cash reserves which remain will be given to other ministries rings hollow and begs the question: Why not KGLE? What led the FCR Board to conclude KGLE listeners and supporters would NOT want to use cash reserves, generated by FCR and KGLE, for the benefit of KGLE?

Recent months have found dedicated KGLE staff scrambling to cobble together part time and volunteer help to keep the station on air. This happened not because KGLE lacked financial resources, but because there were no full time staff remaining. This labor of love seems to have gone unnoticed and unappreciated as the FCR Board focused its effort on divesting themselves of the operation of KGLE.

How could this happen? There are no simple answers but it’s evident technology and alternative delivery systems for KGLE media content impacted the financial support for FCR. But to suggest that the financial challenges were the primary reason for the change in operation is misleading. it doesn’t explain how KGLE suddenly found itself with no full time staff and no plan to deal with the crisis. Creative solutions would have begun with transparency. A good lesson for the future.

Several other discrepancies from the Ranger Review article need follow-up:

**Which part time and retired-current staff members, would negotiate with YNOP for future employment? Answer - None.

**Were other present and past FCR board members truly UNAWARE that expenses had exceeded income to a level of $350,000? Answer - Hard to imagine!

**Why does Mr. Squires continue suggesting problems with the book keeping necessitated the change from in house to an outside accounting firm? It seems grossly unfair to allow of insinuations to be directed at the former Station Manager when the books were in proper order when transferred. No-one else on staff was qualified, including the former Station Manager who was insisting on full access to the book keeping software.

**When was there a motion to have the entire board replaced? Answer - Never happened.

The answers to these questions will clarify some of the discrepancies generated by the Ranger Review interview and provide a fuller understanding to the story. The light of truth promotes healing.

Merle Mullet is the past chairman of FCR and a current member of FCR.