Dawson County property taxes are increasing 20-35% this year. Home owners will be notified of this increase this coming June/July timeframe.

GUSD is proposing another bond for 8 million dollars for maintenance repairs, 2 million dollars for the Elementary School Reserve Levy and 2 million dollars for the High School Reserve Levy. They've provided a projected cost estimate per tax payer over the next 15 years. The interest rate used for this funding is 3.8 percent over the next 15 years. For anyone who has watch the news lately; interest rates for a 12-million-dollar bond are going to be much higher than their predicted 3.8  percent. The lowest interest rate I found using Google search is 6.89% with rates as high as 9.62%. If this bond is voted in and with the current state of our economy, this interest rate could be much higher than what I found.

Darrell Kuntz