Unfortunately, bigotry is alive and well

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Letter to the Editor:

Glendive, Montana is a town where people from all walks of life live together and mingle in an intimate, tight-knit community; a supportive community, filled with people wildly different from each other but all united by the concept of loving your neighbor.

Unfortunately, it looks like bigotry is alive and well.

Recently, an opinion piece entitled “Are you still trying to justify your actions and beliefs?” was published in the paper by a local pastor. In the piece, he described the Jewish people as, and I quote, “evil workmen,” and referred to LGBT people as “wicked and immoral.” I am not paraphrasingthese are exact quotes.

I’m honestly disgusted that such blatant antisemitism and homophobia was actually published in the newspaper. We, as a community, are better than this! Our community is a beautiful, diverse tapestry, and people from all walks of life are the fibers in this tapestry, which absolutely includes the upstanding, respectable Jewish and LGBT members of this community.

Did Jesus not say “remove the log in your own eye before pointing out the speck in someone else’s eye?” To “love thy neighbor as you love yourself?”

And “let he without sin cast the first stone?” And does the United States Constitution not beautifully state that “all men are created equal?” The pastor who wrote this horrible, bigoted piece obviously has a problem with loving his neighbor.

Your neighbor could be Jewish. Your neighbor could be a homosexual. And here in Glendive, your generous neighbor would give you the shirt off his back, because that’s just how people in this town are.

Think before you speak- and check the log in your eye.

Holly Disch