Vote no on levy; vote for change on the GUSB

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dear Editor:

It is with great frustration that prompted me to vent about School policy over handling complaints about one of their employees. School policy 1700 is about how the School Board handles complaints. They are the Last ones to help you with a complaint usually after 60 days.

If you are wanting to complain about the way your child is treated while in the care of one of their employee’s you have to follow these steps as stated in Uniform complaint policy.

We as parents (alone or a group) have to try to resolve a complaint about the way your child is treated starting at (level 1) by going to that employee first (teacher, coach, counselor) than their supervisor, than to the Administration. If not satisfied than within 30 days you can write a letter to the administration at (level 2) than after 15 days file another letter to the superintendent (level 3). If not satisfied than you can write another letter to complain to School Board.

As an employer of hundreds over 44 years that process seams silly as I don’t want a customer to talk to my employee about a complaint. I want them to come talk to me and then as the employee’s Boss I will use my best judgement to resolve the complaint.

As for Voting No for the new proposed levies it is my belief that they got enough COVID relief money (1,193,631) and our tax dollars should and will be spent when the county isn’t getting this extra revenue.

Complete your mail in ballot Please Vote NO on levies and Vote For the person of your choice on the ballet but I believe out with the old in with the new.


Greg Post