Vote for school bonds is the obvious choice

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Vote for school bonds is the obvious choice

Dear Editor:

Why should I?

A friend of mine who grew up in Glendive related a story about the nomadic tribes in Southern Africa. When they moved into an area, they would plant fruit bearing trees and shrubs and within months in a warm tropical climate they would be bearing fruit. When they left the area to move on to better resources, they made a point of burning down their houses and cutting down those fruit bearing trees and shrubs.

Can you imagine America without Johnny Appleseed? Or what if everyone who built a home made a point of burning it down when they moved on? We recognize that “Pay It Forward” has become a best practice.

As Americans, I believe we understand the concept of building on the past. It would be utter folly to require each generation to start from nothing.

The community of Glendive has a history of providing essential services to its residents with an eye to the current needs and a regard for future needs. That mind set focuses on what is important, before it becomes urgent. Waiting until community needs reach crisis state is not a good practice.

Every community is judged by its infrastructure. Medical professionals, educators and others look at all parts of a community before locating there. If a community’s attitude is not to support its infrastructure of city services, fire, police, ambulance and school systems, the choice not to come to our town is quickly made.

We have a chance to vote on support of our school’s systems in the upcoming school bond election. The committee that worked on this started from a needs assessment and moved forward with community input. The effort they made was one of due diligence.

Parts of the Glendive school system are worn out. They do need to be upgraded. If we have an eye to the future of Glendive, I believe the choice is an obvious one to vote in favor of the bonds presented.

If we fail to focus on maintaining the useful function of our schools, we will be facing total replacement at much higher future cost. Like anything, it is more economical to maintain a structure throughout its useful life and then replace it.

Waiting until later or delaying also jeopardizes our bonding capacity and rating of our bonds.. Our bonds are much less attractive and my not sell.

Please join me in supporting the school bond with a yes vote.

Jim Squires