Voter suppression is real

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dear Editor:

A Republican will never be elected if we have to count every vote. Scary sentiment? Apparently, because there are currently 250 bills being considered in 43 states to restructure voter rights and introduce draconian laws requiring multiple and specific forms of identification to prove eligibility to even register. Some of the goals – shorten early voting time periods, stop no-excuse absentee voting by limiting the valid reasons accepted, change mail-in deadlines, remove drop boxes, reduce polling places allowing only polling places which will preclude access by the undesirables and increase waiting times. But wait, there’s more! Stop shuttle services to polls by creating costly fees and permits to operate, and then pile on unworkable restrictions.

Voter suppression is real and must be stopped. Call our Montana representatives about HB176 and HB 406 and voice your wishes. Mr. Phalen at 406 939-1187 and Mr. Heinbauch at 406 989-1372. HR1 has passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and is now being considered in the U.S Senate as S1.

Please call Senators Daines at 202 224- 2651 and Tester at 202 224-2644 to voice your support for this historic legislation which will stop most of these tactics in their tracks. Let them know we expect their help in protecting our democracy.

Norma J. Sherman