Washington DC is run amuck

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Dear Editor:

I disagree with Avis Anderson’s Opinion piece in Thursdays Ranger-Review.

We live in a Republic governed by our founding documents. The Declaration of Independence, states among our rights are the right to Life Liberty and the pursuant of happiness. These are not our only rights, only a few. They are not granted by government but given by God. They are not a collective right but these are individual rights. The Constitution is supposed to govern our land with our public servants adhering to those documents. Washington DC is run amuck.

Public Servants are to protect and defend the Constitution. They are to protect this country from foreign and domestic enemies. (Open borders come to mind with Biden blessing illegal aliens with covid and no tests) governments job is not my health care. That is up to me and me along.

Our founding Fathers gave us maximum liberty, which comes with maximum responsibility. Government cannot mandate I put an experimental drug in my body and hope for a good outcome. Can government protect me from cancer, the flu, car accidents or a heart attack? NO! If vaccination works so well who would care what I do if you are vaccinated. Biden and his government cannot force, threaten or mandate we get vaccinated. When he does that he becomes the biggest discriminator in the nation, he becomes dictator and not President.

I have lost family members to covid and after the vaccination others have had severe reactions. Montana has a population of 1,100,000. Montana has had 2000 covid deaths. That is .0018 deaths per capita.

When the allied troops stormed Normandy 1944, 5 beach heads were involved.

The troops that landed on Omaha Beach had a 50 percent of survival and America advanced. Today in Montana you have a 99.9982 percent chance of survival and we are told to retreat? Not hardly.

Dennis Teske

Terry, MT