We need to enforce our constitution

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Dear Editor:

This time in history is unparalleled. If we were still asleep in 2006, we sure aren’t now. From the time Trump won the Republican primary, throughout his presidency we watched first in shock and later in horror as our servants in DC, the media and industry brazenly colluded, becoming more and more multifarious in their criminal acts, and gaslighting an entire country, and not just any country: America. We were sure that Trump would be our savior but that wasn’t to be.

We’re fighting back as best we know how. Conservative groups are forming at amazing speed. Groups that protest sign petitions, write their congressmen, even head litigation efforts to stop the overthrow of American by the globalist communist actors. None of this has or will work. The Deep state is far deeper than we realized and has been growing unnoticed by the masses for 160 years. In addition, we’re ignorant of basic civics so we don’t understand the hierarchy of legal authority, and for six generations we’ve gotten lazy and passed on our responsibilities and duties to those with selfish and nefarious intent. They will not let go of their ill-gained power easily.

Is all lost? Is there anything that can stop the downward trajectory of our once proud Republic? There is. The answer isn’t easy but it’s simple and right in front of us: We The People and our U.S. Constitution. We don’t need to amend it, preserve or protect it; defend, honor or support it. We need to Enforce it. We were blessed with a government that in incomparable to any ever in the history of the world and it is our responsibility and duty; no one else’s. We The People are the answer to our prayers.

Now is the time for Americans to unite all across our sovereign states and step up with guts and grit and do the chores so long neglected. It’s time to join together under the banner of America-Again! and its mission, Tactical Civics ™, an action plan and a new way of life: recruiting, educating, training, supporting and organizing Americans on our training center at TacticalCivics.com to take back America one county at a time. We are filling those counties with patriots from Alaska to Florida, we’re taking America back from the criminals peacefully and lawfully. God has seen fit to provide us with every tool and weapon, every law and principle to restore America. Now will you join us and do the chores?

Amanda Hammann