We want a clean energy transition

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Re: Organized Communities Can Accomplish More (4-10-22, p. 4).

The article stated, “Most of us who live in small towns and rural areas all want the same things. Good jobs, a healthy climate, communities that work for everyone.”

This is true around the world...here, in the Ukraine, everywhere.

We’re glad Senators Daines and Tester stand with Ukraine and democracy

Millions of lives have been devastated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

People know Russia’s global supply of oil and natural gas is a main resource for Putin’s war.

People also know we can’t drill our way to energy independence and security and keep producing fossil fuels because it’s at odds with our need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to stabilize the climate. And oil companies are making windfall profits and jacking up gas prices using the war as a pretext.

America should invest in clean energy, so that we never have to buy oil from a dictator again and because we’re sick and tired of climate change impacts like megadroughts, wildfires and their smoke, and warming low/no flowing rivers. It’s bad for us and bad for business.

As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says, “Inaction is not an option” when it comes to climate change.

We need an independent, cleanenergy economy to reduce inflation and protect our economic health, mitigate climate change, and save money on our monthly energy bills. Can we agree this would be good for every one?

We can switch to affordable clean energy technologies, like sensors, supercapacitors, and battery storage, all made in the U.S. We’d like to see them manufactured in Montana.

Clean energy will not only protect us from wild gas price swings and create new jobs, it will clean our air and water.

We have abundant resources: the sun, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydro.

Let’s use them to electrify Montana and America!

The single most effective policy to speed up the transition to a cleanenergy economy is an economy-wide price on carbon with a monthly cashback to all households.

Let’s tell the President and Congress that we want a clean-energy transition and a price on carbon now. See cclusa. org/action.

Thank you.

Alexandra Amonette

Big Timber